5 Coats That Your Closet Can’t Live Without

Getting dressed in the winter can be a bit boring somedays: Another sweater, another pair of boots, another scarf, blah, blah, blah….but there’s actually one thing I look forward to putting on during the colder months: COATS! They are the easiest way to spruce up a neutral look, plus they can come to the rescue on those days that you desperately don’t have the energy to plan a head to toe look! With these 5 coat options in your closet, you are guaranteed to survive winter in style!

1. The Puffer Coat

Why Your Closet Can’t Live Without It: If heading to the gym is on your weekly routine, then you know there is nothing more awkward than layering on a nice coat over your sweaty fitness attire! Not only is a puffer coat is the best way to keep cozy in your fitness attire, but I always grab mine for those early morning or late night dog walks!

2. The Cropped Fur Coat

Why Your Closet Can’t Live Without It: This is the coat you will want to reach for on those chilly nights when you are attending something a little more fancy. A cropped fur jacket will pair perfectly with your cocktail attire, but it also looks pretty adorable with a white tee, boyfriend jeans, & booties!

3. The Printed Statement Coat 

Why Your Closet Can’t Live Without It: This coat will make a statement even if you’ve got nothing to say! Amongst a sea of neutral coats in the dead of winter, you will stand out & get all eyes on you! And, don’t ever expect a printed jacket to get lost in the boring coat check!

4. The Classic Wool Trenchcoat 

Why Your Closet Can’t Live Without It:  Why would your closet want to live without it?! This timeless piece will carry you through the entire season, casual to dressy, from day to night. Nothing looks more polished than a trenchcoat, and if you invest well in this item, you’ll only have to do it once every blue moon (I’ve had my camel coat for 5 years!).

5. The Trendy Cape 

Why Your Closet Can’t Live Without It: Consider this outerwear piece your “cold weather wild card” of your closet this season. You might wear it once, you might wear it 20 times….regardless, it will be fun item that you’ll be happy to reach for when you want to mix up your coat routine!

5 coats, tons of outfit options….and with this many adorable looks, you might actually be sad to see winter go.

  • Cheyanne

    I love all of these coats – though I never get to use them in Florida! 🙁 I need to go somewhere cold for vacation so I can finally use my trench!

  • Qamar

    The coats of the 5 COATS THAT YOUR CLOSET CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT blog are affectionate. These coats are best for the winter season. Nevertheless, my mother has 4 pairs of Classic Wool Trenchcoat. These above five coats should be present in our closet.
    Regard: Qamar

  • Rachel

    I LOVE outerwear – one of my favorite parts of my wardrobe. Also need to plan a winter getaway as I moved to Florida and desperately missing my coats!! Capes are my favorite, I’m digging the faux fur one from nasty gal.