An Adventure Awaits…

I’m all about an adventure… anytime, anywhere…

…And as the new Herbal Essences ambassador, I figured it was a great time to live their motto, #LetLifeIn, & take off on a road trip! Several years ago, around 2012, I took a trip out west to Marfa, TX in search of the rumored, “Prada, Marfa” art installation. And yes, I saw it, in all it’s glory…but found the town to be so much more charming than I had ever expected.

Fast-forward 5 years: I have changed, my taste in art has changed, my spirit of adventure has changed, my style has evolved, and of course, my hair has been through A LOT. From long to short, extensions to au natural, and let’s not forget the recent platinum blonde & bangs addition, my locks have seen it all… but my new locks have yet to see one of my favorite West Texas towns.

So I’m bringing the whole “KERRently” gang on a road trip that they are sure to remember, filled with taco stands, art galleries, windswept landscapes, & of course, great hair, thanks to Herbal Essences!

Specifically, I’m bringing along my Golden Moringa Oil Shampoo + Conditioner because I’m going to need a bit of extra moisture while in the desert. The collection will be perfect for renewing my dry locks after this trip… plus this line makes my hair super glossy!

And while I gather some travel & style inspiration before we hit the road, I always remember that the planning stage of any adventure is always so exciting…

But the packing…well, I will probably wait and do that last minute!

*Thank you to Herbal Essences for this incredible partnership & for helping me plan such a fun adventure to Marfa, Texas!

  • Myilicia Hare

    Where did you get the 4th look pictured?? The scarf in particular.

  • Robin Siedel

    I had seen years ago on TV that you and your friends went to Marfa! It to inspired me so we went their last year for my birthday and fell in love with the area too. We took pics in front of Prada, and was immersed in the culture…..and of course a trip to El Cosmico is a must along with jalapeño margaritas at the St. George. Have the best time….I can’t wait to go back. Next time I want to float down Big Bend!

  • C's Collection

    Love that necklace!!! And I’ve drooled over those Aquazurra shoes since you first wore them!

    C’s Collection |