Building a Bra Wardrobe with ThirdLove

Here on KERRently, I spend a lot of time talking about different types of shopping & building the most cohesive wardrobe.

There’s white jean shopping, black boot shopping, the 5 types of summer sandals you need in your closet….the list goes on & on. But one type of shopping that we rarely talk about (because either we all dread it or it’s just flat out awkward?!) is bra shopping. (You cringed a little inside when I said that, didn’t you?) We’ve all been in one of these scenarios: 1) searching for a new bra, 2) having to wear an old, poor fitting bra (probably because you’ve put off scenario 1), or 3) needing a specific type of undergarment to go under a specific type of garment and scrapping the whole outfit (once again, because you put off scenario 1)…..Yep, you’ve been there, haven’t you?!

But what if bra shopping became something that allowed women to feel confident, secure, and even, dare I say it, sexy?! ThirdLove has created a collection that is committed to doing just that. Aside from the fact that they have 47 different sizes & 15 styles, they give you the luxury of bra shopping from the comfort of your home & trying one on FREE before you even buy it. And in an effort to build my bra wardrobe with the ultimate ta-ta essentials (and their matching panties, of course!), I took 3 bras for a ride…and my “girls” couldn’t be happier.


24/7 Lace Balconette Bra // (matching, unpictured) Lovely Lace Cheeky

First up, I decided to REALLY GO FOR IT & check sexy off the list. (Cue dramatic music!) Because I tend to generally believe that if something is ridiculously gorgeous, or fabulous, or flattering, it must be uncomfortable, I assumed that this “ooh-la-la” lacy ThirdLove number would be, too….and you know what they say when you assume?! I was utterly & embarrassingly wrong, because this 24/7 Lace Balconette Bra lives up to its name…meaning I could’ve kept it on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To me, where this bra hits the jackpot is with the lining. Most lace bras are just that….lace. And call me crazy, but the thought of lace rubbing against “my girls” in the Texas summers doesn’t sound entirely enjoyable….but ThirdLove saved me from “lace chaffing” by adding memory foam (yeah, like the pillows!) cups underneath the lace, which makes it a bra that I could live in all day long. So, the joke was actually on me: I put on this lace bra to feel sexy, but it’s comfort made me never want to take it off!


24/7 Classic T-Shirt Bra in Naked-3 // (matching, unpictured) Seamless Cheeky

Next up, let’s get naked! Well, sortof. With every summer, comes the emergence of white blouses galore, right? And is there ANYTHING WORSE than seeing a white bra through a white shirt? The answer is a hard NO…no, there is not.  ThirdLove has created their New Nakeds Collection which includes 5 shades of perfect nudes to perfectly match your skin tone (as well as accompanying panty options, too!). Because I subscribe from the theory of “if you can’t tone it, tan it,” me & my spray tan selected the naked-3 option, which was an exact match for my bronzed, summer glow! Now, when wearing my white shirts, it’ll be near to impossible to see my bra color underneath. And because I plan on wearing white all summer long, I selected the 24/7 Classic T-Shirt Bra for the ultimate comfort. Gives a whole new meaning to the scandalous phrase “SEND NUDES,” now doesn’t it?!


Front Closure Lace Razorback Bra (ps. it’s low in stock, but they are restocking ASAP in case you don’t see your size!)// Lovely Lace Cheeky

And last but not least, it’s a style that had my name all over it. Gimme a front closure & a razorback bra all day long and life is good! Why front closure? Well, for me, it’s all about convenience. Look, I’m a busy girl….I don’t have time to put my bra on backwards, find the darn hooks, then swivel it around my body, bend over, scoop my girls in & prop them up into the cup….this whole charade is exhausting, right?! Or maybe I’m just lazy?! Either way, front closure bras seem simpler to me. And razorback bras, well, it’s about as close as I can get to actually getting away with wearing a sports bra in my daily life. But ThirdLove combined these 2 game-changing features into one bra, and added lace details for some extra oomph! Who would’ve thought that a bra that checks all my requirements could actually give me lift & cleavage, too?! Oh, ThirdLove did.

Photos by Danielle Sabol

*A big thank you to ThirdLove for helping me (and “my girls!”) build a new bra wardrobe with some pieces of your collection & for partnering with me on this post! 

  • Rach

    Their bra collection is so pretty! That racerback bra is so gorgeous!

  • Christy

    All are super cute and essential to fashion. I absolutely love the tasteful and engaging way you shared this ! Great post.

  • Jenny

    After seeing your post, I decided to give ThirdLove a try. I must say, I couldn’t be happier with the 24/7 Classic T-shirt Bra and I’m already looking at other styles to add to my wardrobe. Thank you for sharing the love!!

  • antonia

    i love the thirdlove collection and the way you tastefully displayed it. i tend to stick with bralettes during the summer season but love the look of support from these bras i’ll have to give them a try. simply beautiful!

  • Jenelle

    Where is that white sweater from that you’re wearing in the last picture? It’s absolutely gorgeous.

  • Lucie Carter Lopez

    Question, are there bras without padding or anything other than foam bras?