Is Buying My Dream Home in My Near Future?!

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*Thank you to Capital One for sponsoring this blog post and for making life’s financial decisions that much easier with your Home Equity tools!

With the New Year just right around the corner, it has got me thinking about being a grown up & everything that comes with it!

Over the past couple of years, I have really been focused on my finances….making sure that my school loans are paid off, keeping my credit card balances low & using them for emergencies ONLY (thanks Mom for drilling that into me at a young age!), & looking ahead at the future and the best ways to invest my money. Something that keeps circling back to me is the thought of purchasing a home, because in all reality, I can either dump my money into a rented home, or invest it into a home that can have VALUE!

And when it comes time to purchase a home, I know I’ll also need to figure out “How will I get cash to remodel the home!?” Lord knows that no home will be perfect, it might need some sprucing up, whether it be exterior or interior. And knowing me, I will want to build out the master closet, make sure the bathroom is the most relaxing space in the house, & have a kitchen that is large enough for entertaining. And while sometimes we all like to dream that money grows on trees, the reality of financing the renovations gives me some financial anxiety.

However, despite these looming obstacles, I know that when the time comes to borrow renovation money & consolidate my debt, I will turn to the home equity loan experts: Capital One. As a current Capital One Business cardholder, I already have a trustworthy relationship with them as a financial institution, so they will be the clear option for this big endeavor!

But perhaps you’re a couple steps ahead of me as a homeowner & wanting to get started in this process?! All you have to do is head to Capital One’s Home Equity page to see all the resources and tools they provide that come in handy for financial decision making. They offer smarter tools that help you make the right choice for your financial situation, allowing you to get your customized rate offer, & your estimate loan amount…all with NO IMPACT on your credit score!
Basically Capital One makes the process super simple – renovating your home into a “dream home” might be easier than you think! For more information on Capital One’s Home Equity tools, visit their site HERE, or stop by any Capital One branch location to get started!

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    That was very informative,I got my loan through a bank (not going to say which one) but wish Cap. One would of been an option I would of heard of to try at the time. Who knows, maybe later down the road…:)

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