Choose Surprise with Marshalls


Who doesn’t love a good SURPRISE?!

Better yet, who doesn’t love a good surprise while hunting for your next favorite fashionable find?! If there’s anything I live for more, it’s the surprises that happen while shopping! You all know what I’m talking about: That moment when you spot a perfect new pair of designer jeans, an embroidered off the shoulder dress, or a blouse that is bound to turn heads. You find your size, and then the moment you’ve been anticipating….you glance at the price tag to discover a number that ACTUALLY makes you smile! It’s a shopping victory at it’s finest and the type of surprise I will ALWAYS choose!

Marshalls believes that Choosing Surprise in your day leads to great things and that is what you can experience every day in their stores…it’s like they’ve been reading my mind all along! And every time I set foot in my local Marshalls, I never know what I’m gonna find….and you know why?! Because no 2 Marshalls are alike. Yep, they’ve all got different merchandise & different products to surprise & delight their customers with! And isn’t that anticipation totally part of the excitement?! It’s like you never know what you’re going to find, but know that YOU’RE ABSOLUTELY going to love it! Especially since Marshalls offers an incredible and surprising selection of high-quality, on-trend and designer merchandise at amazing prices… every. single. day.

And Marshalls isn’t only letting you choose to add surprise to your day by visiting their stores…they are even filling their Facebook with a surprise sweepstakes series where you can win prizes, designer products, & gift cards! And on Tuesday (which did you to be the most predictable day of the week) May 16 at 2pm CST, Marshalls is hosting a LIVE sweepstakes that gives you the opportunity to “choose surprise” and break up your predictable Tuesday, much like you would by walking into a Marshalls store! All you have to do is head to their Facebook page and join in the LIVE action….and you never know, you might get the best surprise yet. (I may be a tad impartial since yours truly curated the prizes and outfits!) Remember to log onto Facebook May 16th to see my top fashion picks, all sourced from my local Marshalls store!

You can check out the official rules for the Marshalls Facebook Live Sweeps series here: 

*Thank you to Marshalls for always reminding me that fashionable surprises are the best kind of surprises!

Photos by Danielle Sabol

  • Rach

    Love shopping at Marshall’s and totally agree that they are all unique. But that’s what makes shopping at Marshall’s so fun!

  • Gwyn

    Love Marshalls but prefer TJMaxx!!

  • Antonia

    i love shopping at marshalls but i find i do have to shop there three or four times a week – their inventory is not very vast. btw – i love your top. cute and fun!

  • Saniel Underwood

    What are the details on items you got