The Closet, the Bathroom, & the Kitchen: A Remodeling Dream


*Thank you to Capital One for sponsoring this blog post and for getting me all inspired with the idea of remodeling my dream home by using your Home Equity tools!

A few days ago, the idea of home ownership popped into my head. And in typical Courtney fashion, once I get something engrained into my mind, I DON’T STOP THINKING ABOUT IT!

And with every dream home, comes a dream home improvement project (or several!), which is why I was excited to learn about Capital One’s home equity tools. While I’m not currently a homeowner, I know that when the time comes, I will be able to use a Capital One home equity line of credit and all of their tools and resources available to do some home improvements or remodeling to make my dream home a reality! And whether it’s a gourmet chef’s kitchen, a luxurious, relaxing bathroom, or a custom walk-in closet (OBVIOUS CHOICE!), Capital One’s flexible tools and offerings let me withdraw whatever I need for that one remodeling project…..or perhaps, maybe all three?! And whether it’s contractor financing or construction fees, they will MAKE SURE that my dream home becomes a possibility!

But since we are on the topic of remodeling, perhaps we need some inspiration to get the interior design wheels turning!

The Custom Walk In Closet // With a drawer, shelf, or rack for every different article of clothing, accessory, & shoe option, the thought of having a custom space makes me drool with excitement!

The Luxurious, Relaxing Bathroom // Is there anything better than coming home after a long day & drawing yourself a hot bubble bath?! Or having your own “glam” area for makeup & hair?! I’m not sure I would ever leave my luxurious dream bathroom! 

The Gourmet Chef’s Kitchen // Pour me a glass a wine & give me a white and copper kitchen & I might actually become a domesticated, cooking goddess! Preparing your own food would be too good to be true with extra space to messy up!

For more information on Capital One’s home equity tools & how you can utilize them to remodel your home, visit their site HERE, or stop by any Capital One branch location to get started!

  • Cheyanne


  • Lauren

    Beautiful! Where are the drawer shelves from?

  • Sarah

    Courtney, I have always loved your blog. Your sense of style is right on! However, it seems to me that lately your blog has become the “Home Shopping Network” of blogs. I realize you have to make a living but, to me, it appears your credibility is at question when a large majority of your posts are trying to sell me something. (I ask myself, does she REALLY like this product/service — or is she being paid to like it.) I’ve just noticed this the last 6 months. Does anyone else feel this way???

    • Kari

      I don’t agree, I think Courtney is showcasing what products and companies she uses and/or loves therefore it may seem like she is “selling” these companies but that’s the whole idea of her website! I love everything that she promotes and her sense of style is spot on!

    • Celeste

      Yes, but just with this post.

  • carrie

    Your closet looks awesome, Courtney!


  • Marcie

    Where is that purplish dress form from with the square on top? I love it and can’t find anything like it!

  • Meg

    I am a realtor and I HIGHLY recommend NOT using a BIG BOX bank like Capital One for a home loan. It’s best to use a private lender. Big box lenders are nightmares to deal with. If my client gets multiple offers I will educate them on why they may not choose an offer with a big box lender. Time and time again the big box lenders kill deals, can not close on time or can not deliver.

  • Elaine Turner

    Love the wallpaper in the first photo. And that closet is fab.

  • Mary

    Where is your leopard wallpaper from?! I’m in LOVE!