Cosmetic Compacts Worth Your Money

Charlotte Tilbury Instant Beauty Glow Palette // BECCA X Chrissy Teigen Palette // Sigma Warm Neutrals Eyeshadow Palette

If you were a sales girl at any cosmetic counter and you wanted a “sure thing” customer, just lure me in with a palette.

I’VE GOT THEM ALL. From cheeks, to eyes, and every thing else in between, they are the best of the best when it comes to my makeup collection. But which ones are REALLY worth your money? Which palettes actually help you save money by offering you an “all-in-one” purchase & aid you in removing several products from your makeup bag? I’ve rounded up my 3 favorites for the face, the cheeks, & the eyes!

Charlotte Tilbury Instant Glow Palette, $75

Why it’s worth your money: This all-in-one, 7-step palette leaves it’s mark on every feature of your face! From creating the perfect neutral, everyday smokey eye, to contouring & highlighting your cheekbones, this compact offers 7 different shades that all accentuate different features on your face!

BECCA X Chrissy Teigen Palette, $46

Why it’s worth your money: Well, if it’s good enough for Chrissy Teigen, it’s more than good enough for me. Chrissy, who is notorious for being a huge fan of (& always on the search for) a perfect highlighter, couldn’t find the one that she couldn’t live without, so she teamed up with one of her favorite cosmetic brands to create her own. This palette, which will replace 3 products in your makeup bag (bronzer, highlighter, & blush) blends with most skin tones &, in my opinion, has wonderful pigment. This was my first time trying BECCA products….and so far, no complaints….and actually makes me eager about sampling their foundations (which I have heard rave reviews about), too.

Sigma Warm Neutrals Eyeshadow Palette, $39

Why it’s worth your money: There was a time in my life that I had absolutely NO CLUE about eyeshadows. I didn’t understand the difference between a brow color, a browbone color, a crease color, or a lid color. This mo-fail palette gives you all the neutral shades you need to need to smoke, smudge, & shade your eyes to their full potential!

Any other palettes out there that I need to try?! Let me know in the comments below!

Photos by Fort Lion Studio