How To Create a Chic Floral Arrangement in Less Than a Minute

Blouse: SheIn // Belt: Gucci // Jeans: Frame

When you walk through the doors of my home, one thing that you are guaranteed to be greeted by (other than my sweet pup, Fancy!) is fresh flowers! There is something simple, chic, thoughtful, & grownup about taking the time & effort to put together a floral arrangement, & it always spruces up any area! My guests always comment about how gorgeous my hydrangeas are….but not until now, have I told them HOW FREAKING EASY THIS IS! It’s actually so easy that it takes less than one minute to put together!

Video by Fort Lion Studio

  • Kristin

    If you put Alum on your hydrangeas after cutting them it makes them last even longer!!

  • Lara

    Love this top!

  • Shayna

    Omg what a crazy coincidence. I just cut hydrangeas from my moms garden to put in my bedroom and bathroom. They are the most beautiful flowers. My mom has so many different colors in her garden which really help to brighten up my room and my day. Love the mason jar idea 💡 you’re so clever !