KERRently Coveting: June 2017 Summer Shoe Showdown

Tassel Sandal: Figue // Heeled Casual Sandal: Dolce Vita // Heeled Statement Sandal: Schutz // White Sneaker: Adidas // Mule: Schutz

Every summer, like clockwork, I pull out last summer’s sandal collection and revisit what trends I want to add to the mix.

And while I still love a lot of last year’s sandals, the shoe shopping has really suckered me in this season…and I am somewhat embarrassed by how many new gems I have scooped up! But instead of having buyer’s remorse, I’m doing what any good shopaholic would do…I’m sharing all the details with y’all on this month’s KERRently Coveting series!

Video by Fort Lion Studio 

  • Ty

    Love all 4 pair

  • jenn

    your so funny , I love your personality and you are always bringing sunshine to my much needed day if it hasn’t been a good one.. love your blog! keep it up

  • Tracey

    So do you just put the magic eraser in the machine with the sneakers ? Or do you scrub then with it and then just wash the snkeakers ??

  • Krisztina Clifton

    I love those studded Dolce Vita sandals!! And lol…love the showdown guns ha.:)

    ~Krisztina |