KERRently Coveting: May, Make My Life Easier!

Vibrant Skin Gummy Supplement: OLLY // iPhone + Apple Watch Duel Charging Station: Belkin // Dog Stroller: AOSOM // Photo Finish Oil Primer: Smashbox // Portable Steamer: CONAIR

Raise your hand if you’d like to make your life a little easier?!

Yeah, me too. And granted, there’s never a way to completely make every piece of your life simple…but there are little gadgets & products that can ease some of the stress along the way! Whether they are beauty items, tech toys, or household products, I’m always looking for things that save time, or money, or relieve stress….so as we begin another new month (can you believe it’s already May?!), here are a couple of things that are making my life easier! ENJOY!

Video by Fort Lion Studio

  • donna darden

    Ever thought of listing makeup NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS?

  • Suzy

    Reintroduced myself to Jergen’s Natural Glow and can’t believe how much the formal has improved over the last 5 years. No funky smell, super moisturizing, can dress immediately after, plus firming!! No more spray tans, replaces my moisturizer. Wham bam, thank you ma’am. PS- It’s currently on sale at Target.

  • Christina Beauchhamp

    I need this portable steamer in my life!!!


  • Sheila

    I need your scarf and a video on how to tie it like that! Looks amazing!

  • Yany

    Thanks for all the tips and good suggestions.
    I bought the steamer just now.

  • Tas Branded Terbaru Harga Grosir

    Thanks for sharing