Makeup Bag Spill

Foundations: CC Tinted Moisturizer with SPF //  HD Foundation // Full Coverage Foundation // Concealers: Blemish Concealer // Under Eye Concealer // Cheeks: Setting Powder // Brown Based Bronzer // Red Based Bronzer // Blush Compact // Powder Highlighter // Dewey Highlighter // Eyes: Brow Multitasker // Eye Shadow Palette // Brown Eyeliner // Black Eyeliner // Everyday Mascara // Waterproof Mascara // Lips: Neutral Lipstick // Neutral Lip Gloss // Red Lip Liner // Red Lipstick // Tools: Beauty Blender // Foundation Brush // Concealer Brush // Eyeshadow Brush // Powder Brush // Bronzer Blush // Blush + Highlighter Brush // Cosmetic Bag // Courtney’s Sweater

Just like your clothes, even your makeup bag needs its “must have ” staple items.

Are  you going to wear HD foundation everyday? No. But when you have the special event when your picture is being taken, you’ll be glad its in your kit. Are you planning on ricking a red lip 7 days a week? Most likely not, but when the moment strikes, its on hand.

In this YouTube video (which is probably one of my favorites to date!), I am sharing all the items that, whether I use them today, next week, or next month, I am happy that I have invested in to build the ultimate makeup inventory!

Any items that you love that I have forgotten or need to add to my kit? Let me know in the comments below!

Video by Fort Lion Studio

  • Nici

    What eye shadows are you wearing in this video? They look great!

  • Richetta Vansickle

    I really like Clinique all about lips! Try it!!

  • Alex

    What is the neutral lipstick and lipgloss color you use?

    • Courtney

      They are linked directly under the video!

  • Betty

    Liked the presentation!

  • Anne Hurwitz

    Tweezerman tweezers,

  • Donna

    Primer, preferably a mattifying one for the summer. An inexpensive one that I LOVE is by good ole Maybelline, called Baby Skin. It makes skin smooth and poreless.

  • Erica

    I tried clicking on the specific colors of lip products and it would show me the specific lip color for MAC and Estée Lauder.. will you post colors please?

  • Laura

    Hi Courtney! I ordered the Laura Geller baked highlighter. Mine doesn’t seem to go on my brush that well. Did you experience that as well or how do you apply?

  • Hannah

    One of Urban Decay’s setting sprays, especially for the summertime! They are amazing and keep makeup in place all day/night even in the sweatiest of months.

    Loved this video!

  • Shayna

    I love a good highlighter and just ordered the glossier ones in moonstone and Quartz. Heard great things about this brand. Have you tried any of their products?

  • Jacquelyn

    Hi Courtney! Do you also use a regular day time moisturizer with your cc tinted moisturizer?

    • Courtney

      When I wear the tinted moisturizer, I don’t because its too oily!