Neutral Stripes

Sweater: SheIn (& under $25!) // Jeans: SIWY (Similar HERE) // Bag: Celine // Sunglasses: Free People // Booties: All Saints // Earrings: Gorjana


I take shopping very seriously.

And by “seriously” I mean I take a lot of pride in doing research in the brands that I choose to invest in and add to my closet. A couple of years ago, I stumbled upon in a late night online shopping binge-fest. Not only was I shocked at the low price of the items, but I was also caught off guard when I saw how many of the designs resembled some high-end designers.

From bell sleeves, to trendy dress silhouettes, to easy throw-on sweaters, my shopping cart quickly filled up. But the real exciting moment happened when I saw that I had found 5 adorable items and my grand total was under $100  for EVERYTHING. I chose priority shipping (because, duh, and because I suffer from instant shopping gratification) and waited for my items to arrive.

Unfortunately, priority shipping to me meant that these pieces would arrive on my doorstep within the week…but to Shein,com, this meant around 10-14 days. Although this was kindof a bummer, I wasn’t terribly upset because I loved the pieces so much. Yes, some of them have crappy quality, and yes, the fabrics aren’t as luxurious as other things in my closet, but you can’t really complain when you are paying less than $20 for a dress you might only wear 5 times….if that.

So are the reviews crappy? Yeah, they are hit or miss. And if you order 5 pieces, 2 might be absolutely AWFUL, but hey, I’m willing to take my chances….because when they are GOOD, they are GOOD.

Live on the edge….order the $22 sweater & cross your fingers and hope for the best!

Photos by Sukilynn