How to Organize & Clean Out Your Beauty Closet


Raise your hand if you’re a beauty junkie.

Now keep your hand raised if you’ve got drawers, closets, & buckets full of products that you’re probably never going to get around to trying. Yep, you my friend, are in desperate need of a beauty purge!

Recently, I opened the doors to my beauty closet and was so overwhelmed at what I saw staring back at me. There were so many different products that were so unorganized & it made searching for a simple mask quite difficult. I had an “AH-HA” moment and decided right then & there that it was time to have a “come to Jesus” with my closet. Fast forward an hour….my closet was organized & felt like it had some structure to what was where and why. I could actually swing open the doors and see a realistic inventory of what I owned…which makes beauty pampering that much more fun!

Here are some of the tips & tricks I discovered during my beauty closet purge:

  1. Before you start tossing, sampling, re-organizing, remove EVERYTHING our from the closet and drawers. Starting with an empty space was more helpful for me to see how much crap I didn’t need & how much I needed to part with.
  2. Organize all the products into several “category” piles depending on what you have the most of. These were the piles I made for my organizing: travel size products, face masks, dry shampoos, shampoos & conditioners, additional hair products, serums & oils, cleansers, fragrances, & cosmetic bags.
  3. Once you have everything in these specific categories, go through each group and toss anything that is expired, discolored, or has separated (when you can see inside the bottle and the formulas are no longer mixed anymore!). Then, go through the group and get rid of anything that you REALISTICALLY aren’t going to use…for me, these are items that aren’t designed for my hair type, skin type, or that I just flat out don’t like or tried once and am never going to finish. Since some of these items are in great condition, I suggest you either donate them to a women’s shelter or give them to your mom or a girlfriend!
  4. Now that you have a reasonable inventory of all your products, you might actually be shocked at what you find! I was surprised to see how many cleansers, dry shampoos, masks, & fragrances I had that were collecting dust in the back of my closet! It was also equally exciting to discover this because it means I won’t have to spend money on these products for quite some time! Kindof like going shopping in my own house…love it!
  5. When you are ready to put everything back into your drawers or closet, make sure you take the time to keep them organized by category! This will help when you run out of products to see what you still own! Also, now that I have found some products that I forgot I owned, it’s been fun to sample some new brands find new favorites!

What are your favorite tips & tricks for organizing your beauty products?!

Photos by Fort Lion Studio