Video Tutorial: How To Style Bangs

Blow Dryer: Drybar // Rose Gold Round Brush: Brush Lab // Hairspray: TRESemme // Texturizing Spray: Oribe // Hair Clip: Hot Tools

I took the plunge and cut bangs.

And although there were some minor meltdowns on Day 1 (“OMG I ruined my hair!”), I have finally mastered these bangs! And while they are easy style now, there were a couple tricks of the trade that I needed to learn first….and of course, I must share all the “banging” secrets with yall!

Video By: Joshua Fortuna

  • Sarah

    Your hair looks amazing ! Do you have a brazilian blowout ? Either way, do you have an opinion on them? I am interested in one, but I’ve heard mixed reviews ….

  • Shelly Lee

    Thank the Lord Jesus you posted this….
    I have a very similar cut and face shape to yours and was inspired to cut bangs after I saw yours!
    I had several of those bangs meltdowns you mentioned and somehow held you responsible for the reason I had these dang bangs in the first place.
    I was almost mad at you waiting for this video 😬
    I’ve literally avoided going out until I knew wtf to do with them. I described getting my bangs cut like being in a new relationship and not knowing where you stand right away.
    Thanks for posting!

  • Jackie

    great vid, I love all your weekly fashions etc….LOVE!!!!
    as a hairstylist, I would suggest putting your piece on the end, it really zones into exactly where you want it…..makes life much easier……;)

  • Shana Meador

    This helps tremendously! I have had a few bang meltdowns myself!