What’s the Hype: Charcoal

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I recently sat at a hotel pool & watched a friend drink a black cocktail filled with charcoal to cure a hangover….

…he said it was absolutely delicious & his hangover completely dissipated. Was the charcoal responsible?!

It’s no secret that charcoal is having a total moment. You can’t order a cocktail, sip on a juice, buy a face mask, or wash your hair without bumping into this magic ingredient. So, what’s all the hype really about?!

The Product: Active Charcoal

The Hype: While active charcoal might not be the ideal candidate for something you’d want on or on your body, it detoxifies and goes to medicinal work by trapping toxins and chemicals. Ingesting charcoal can help with hangovers by reducing bloating and absorbing gases & liquids up to 1,000 times it’s weight. Active charcoal is commonly used in face masks because it acts like a magnet and grips the dirt, oil, & impurities out of your pores. Charcoal shampoos have recently hit the beauty aisles and they are claiming to clarify your hair without stripping the follicles.

The Reality: Drinking a charcoal drink after a long night of drinking CAN IN FACT make one feel better. And I can personally speak to the fact that a charcoal mask DOES make my skin feel detoxed & my pores seem smaller. As for the charcoal shampoo & conditioner, yes, they are indeed clarifying….and my hair still feels shiny & bouncy!

With all the positive hype about charcoal, Santa might want to consider leaving something different for the naught kids this Christmas!

Photos by Danielle Sabol

  • Ellese

    I’ve heard great things about charcoal, especially when whitening your teeth. Thanks for sharing this info! XO, Ellese