What’s The Hype: Cool Blonde Purple Shampoo

Over the course of my life, my hair has been a lot of various colors. And while I am all about extending the life of my shimmering blonde locks, washing my hair with purple shampoo was something that left me a little apprehensive.

After hearing more than one respected hair guru tell me that this little shampoo swap would make a big difference, I lathered up my platinum locks & let the purple shampoo go to work. I was a little shell shocked after seeing the BIG difference, and then set our to become the official purple shampoo connoisseur….spreading purple shampoo love to all of you! And now that I have had the chance to try several variations of this hyped up product, I’ve narrowed it down to my 2 favorites, & they both hold special places in my anti-brassy heart.

The Product: dp HUE Cool Blonde Shampoo, $24

The Hype: A deep violet shampoo that cancels warmth in blonde, gray, and white hair, dp HUE neutralizes the hair’s yellow tones and reduces brassiness and warmth while it gently cleanses. Perfect for any hair color, it can be used on color-treated and natural hair. You can massage it into your wet hair and rinse, or for for more intense results (like during that week before your color touchup & the color is needing some extra love!), it is suggested to leave on hair for up to five minutes before rinsing.

The Reality: This brand will always be the most special purple shampoo of all since it was the first one I ever tried! I actually used this brand before I went all over platinum & just had some cool, icy blonde highlights…so I can testify that it works with highlights, too!

The ProductDrybar Blonde Ale Brightening Shampoo, $27

The Hype: Blonde Ale Brightening Shampoo features a purple formula that counteracts brassiness & prevents color degradation of blonde and highlighted hair. It also works to enhance shine and keeps your hair luminous between color services, while cleansing and strengthening without stripping color.

The Reality: Alli Webb, the founder of Drybar, can do no wrong in my book. Every product that she has created has found it’s way into my beauty arsenal one way or another. I sampled her Blonde Ale after going platinum and it’s been in my shower ever since. And in all candid honesty, while I was recently traveling & using a travel size of another shampoo, I truly noticed the difference in the bright iciness of my color & the brassy tones slowly making a comeback.

The best way to figure out which brand or version works best for you is to try them all, and in my opinion, experimenting & sampling is the most fun part of beauty! Click through below to shop more of the favorites I have sampled daringly blonde journey!

  • Elizabeth

    How often do you use your purple shampoo? Every time you wash, or do you alternated with regular shampoo?

    • Christy

      I’m a blonde and I wash my hair once a week with purple shampoo always !

  • Brittany

    Do these products help with naturally blonde hair?

  • Jessica

    Hi! I want to hear your thoughts on the Oribe one, I’ve been considering it a few months, but wanted to know if it’s worth it, and if the smell is as good as other products!!

  • Joanna

    I get keratin treatments, will these shampoos strip it out of my hair? Are they sulfate free?

    • Nikki

      There is a sulfate-free purple shampoo from Loreal Paris that I use since I get treatments as well and it works!

  • Stephanie

    Nice outfits, love your style!

  • Joshua Robertson

    These seem like they are definitely worth trying! Is it mainly for female though? I honestly would like to try it.


    • amber

      I’m trying one by AG now that i quite like, although its a little drying, but nothing I can’t handle. also have one from IGK in the shower that my husband really likes and says people have given him lots of compliments using. i’m platinum and hes natural dirty blonde with some natural highlights. i don’t love the pravana one, you can’t waste any time getting that off your hair or it will have a blue tinge for the day. shimmer lights is the go to cheap toning shampoo. the paul mitchell one is my favorite ever but trying to do paraben and sulfate free these days so giving some other things a shot.

  • Qamar

    COOL BLONDE PURPLE SHAMPOO is fine for a treatment of Hair. Hairs are looking natural after rinsing. My hairs are dry can you tell me this shampoo is best for me. Nonetheless, my hairs are falling, this Shampoo can provide strength for hairs.