What’s the Hype: Glossier

Perfecting Skin Tint // Haloscope Highlighter // Super Glow Serum // Super Pure Serum // Super Bounce Serum // Priming Moisturizer Rich

You can’t flip through a magazine or scroll Instagram without seeing their name.

Whether its the adorable packaging or the testimonies of dewy skin, Glossier has buttered up every beauty lover with its products over the past several months. When I first heard about this emerging brand, I will admit, I was curious…..granted, that doesn’t say much because I’m pretty curious about all things beauty. But after months and months went by and I continued hearing NOTHING BUT PRAISE, I knew it was time for me to bite the bullet and try some Glossier items for myself.

One of things I love about these “What’s the Hype” articles is that I can give y’all honest feedback about hyped up products…such as Glossier. So here’s my breakdown of the products that I purchased, what I love about them, and even which ones I think my makeup bag can live without.

The Product: The Super Pack, $65 (includes Super Pure Serum, Super Glow Serum, & Super Bounce Serum)

The Hype: Because our skin demands different treatments throughout different times of the month or year, this 3 pack addresses all the concerns that most of us gals have: dullness, breakouts, & dehydration.

The Reality: As a gal who spends a lot of time on a plane, its nice to have some go-to-treatment items in hand for when you know your skin will be acting up. Before hopping on a plane this past weekend, I loaded up on the Super Bounce, and my skin was so thankful. The hydration emerged and attacked that “plane air” before it had the chance to attack me. Now knowing how well that serum worked, I can’t wait for “my time of the month” so I can try Super Pure….because Lord knows the breakouts are on the horizon!


The Product: Haloscope Highlighter, $22

The Hype: A makeup product that is skincare based, Haloscope is a dew effect highlighter that is made up of crystals & vitamins.

The Reality: OH. MY. GOD. How did I ever live without this highlighter in my makeup bag?! Yes, I have found several highlighters along the way that I truly love, but this product is EVERY DAMN THING ITS CRACKED UP TO BE. The glistening, dewy glow along my cheekbone from this day forward….its courtesy of Haloscope. I’ve worn it alone, I’ve worn it over tinted moisturizer, and I’ve worn in over a full face of makeup, and its THAT DAMN GOOD every single time. Buy it. But 3. Give it to everyone you know because everyone deserves this glow.

But this next product really pains me to talk about because I had such high, high hopes….

The Product: Perfecting Skin Tint, $26

The Hype: This “lighter than tinted moisturizer” product says its the best thing between bare skin & makeup…for skin that actually looks like skin.

The Reality: UGH….I wanted this to be my favorite. This was actually the product I was the most enthusiastic about receiving….but maybe I built it up too much in my mind?! To me, this product was going to replace my current tinted moisturizer, or it was going to be for when I wanted that “no makeup” makeup look. And yes, it does just that….it literally looks like you aren’t wearing any makeup…so it checks that box perfectly. But my tinted moisturizer does that too, BUT it has SPF. So I guess this product could find a home in my makeup bag, I just need to figure out when and how to use it? If that makes any sense at all?!

The Product: Priming Moisturizer Rich, $35

The Hype: Every woman’s skincare lineup needs a super rich, hydrating creme for those days that your skin needs some extra loving. This creme, which is loaded with ceramides and fatty acids, says it locks in hydration for hours upon hours.

The Reality: While its super thick and delicious, my skin leans towards the dry side this time of year, so I need more hydration during those extra dry months. This product went on smoothly, made my skin feel buttery and dewy…and was PERFECT for under my makeup. SO if you are naturally oily, this might be a great option for your INTENSE CREAM, but if you are dryer like me, this would be a great everyday moisturizer!

Overall, am I obsessed?! 100% yes. Am I going back for more?! Totally. Do I get the hype?! Absolutely.

Photos by Sukilynn

  • LesLeigh J.

    I’ve been using the Milky Jelly cleanser for like 8 months now, and I LOVE it! I also use the Haloscope in Topaz, the stretch concealer, and Boy Brow. Glossier is awesome! Totally worth the hype! I had been wondering about the skin tint, and what made it different than a tinted moisturizer, so thanks for sharing!

  • Melina

    Next on your list to try should be the Milky Jelly Cleanser. Super effective, takes EVERYTHING off, but does not leave your skin stripped and raw. And the scent…dreamy!

  • Shelby

    The Milky Jelly was a huge surprise for me. It literally takes everything off so effortlessly. I’m also super impressed with the Stretch Concealer. It’s almost like a highlighter in my opinion. It just really brightens things up.

  • Jj

    I am an SPF junking! Living in Hawaii and always being in the sun, even when it’s behind the clounds- SPF is a MUST! Don’t forget the SPF lip coverage too!!! So what to do with all the sans SPF?! Night time is the best time since SPF creates shine in photos and when in artificial light I always try to go sans SPF if I’m doing a freshly made face at twilight!

  • Joshua Robertson

    These glosier products have been in almost every makeup tutorial on YouTube recently so this product has come at the perfect time. This was a great post.


  • Felicia Renee

    Ahh, I need to try these products. I’ve been eyeing them for a while, but I’ve been a little apprehensive.